1. So how does this game work?
    You're a tri-pedal time-travelling alien. Your aim is to capture the flag in each level.
    To do this, you need to use your time capsules that allow you to go back in time and work with your past selves in order to solve puzzles and reach the flag.
    View an introductory video
  2. How do I move around?
    Just drag your finger across the screen to move in a given direction.
    Drag upwards to jump. Drag upwards and sideways to jump in a direction.
    The farther you drag the faster you move or higher you jump.
    You do not need to precisely keep your finger on the character.
    You can start dragging from anywhere on the screen.
    (See the introductory video)
  3. How and when can I use a time capsule to travel back through time?
    You have a fixed number of time capsules in each level. Typically you will start with four. The number of capsules you have is indicated in the upper right corner of the screen.
    You can use a time capsule by tapping the clock icon on the top right of the screen.
    You can usually use a time capsule at any point and travel back through time, provided you have capsules remaining. The notable exceptions are:
    • You're inside a time-blocking zone (zones that are flashing red). Time-travel is not possible inside these areas
    • In Chapter 2, time travel is only permitted in zones that are flashing green. Time capsules may not be used outside these zones
  4. Sometimes my past self doesn't do exactly what I did!
    This will happen when you land on the 'edge' of a button or a platform. On occassion, you may 'slip' and fall to the side of the platform instead of landing on the platform. You may have to be slow and precise with your movements if you find that this happens frequently.
  5. How is my rating on each level calculated?
    You get one point for completing the level and an additional point for each bonus milestone that was completed.
    So, if there are 3 milestones for a level and you completed the level and one of the milestones, your rating will be 2/4
  6. What are those bonus milestones?
    When selecting a level, and after completing a level, you will see a list of milestones for that level. These milestones represent additional tasks that can be done when completing a given level. For example, 'Comple the level using only one time capsule' may be a milestone that requires you to finish the level successfully by only using a single time capsule. When a milestone has been achieved, a checkmark will appear next to it and your rating for the level will increase. Most milestones for a given level may be achieved independently on separate playings of the same level. The Game Center achievements you receive depend on the completion of these milestones.
  7. What's the timer on the bottom left of the screen?
    This timer represents the total time you have spent in the current level. Certain milestones require that you complete a level by spending less than a given number of seconds.
  8. What if I get stuck in the middle of a level?
    If you get stuck at any time, you can pause the game, then hit the "Restart" button to restart the level.
    If you only want to restart the current iteration (meaning restart only from when you last used a time capsule) then hit the 'Turn Back' button on the Paused screen.
  9. How do I complete level XYZ?
    Certain levels have walkthrough videos available for them. In the level selection screen, there will be an icon of a walking man on the bottom right corner if that level has a walkthrough video available. Tapping that icon will load the walkthrough in your device's browser. The walkthrough videos are posted online and require an internet connection to view them.
    If a walkthrough isn't available for a certain level and you really want one, send us a mail!
  10. I don't get the story.
    That's alright, we didn't get it either.
  11. What's the difference between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2?
    Chapter 2 presents levels with a greater degree of difficulty and provide an additional constraint: Unlike Chapter 1, time capsules may only be used in zones that are flashing green.
  12. What's the difference between blue switches and red switches?
    Red switches may only be pushed once and stay in their 'pushed' state thereafter.
    Blue switches get released when nothing is on top of it.
  13. I completed all levels in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Now what?
    Have you completed all the milestones as well? Have you also obtained all the Game Center achievements? If yes, then stay tuned! More updates are coming soon!
  14. I think I found a bug
  15. I've got some questions